vinyl2Vinyl is a highly versatile heat transfer that is great for decorating fabrics and other non-fabric items. The vinyl material is cut into the shape of the customer’s design and then placed into a heat press that is then pressed onto the fabric. Once the vinyl is pressed onto the fabric the design will last for the entirety of the product’s lifetime. Cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends, and canvas are the fabrics that are known work well with the heat vinyl transfer.

At Wizard Creations we find that the best use of a vinyl transfer is for cutting out names and numbers for items like sports team jerseys. A majority of team jerseys use single colored block lettering which is the perfect use of vinyl designs. However, Wizard Creations has the ability to work with a variety of custom designs that are a bit more complex. Many distributors are only able to do single color vinyl but at Wizard Creations we have a new format that allows for full color vinyl to be applied to fabrics. Since Wizard Creations offers full color format for vinyl transfers our customers are able to use designs with bright and vivid colors.

There are a wide variety of items that work well with a vinyl heat transfer. Take a look in our extensive Wizard Creations online catalog for the exact product you want your design to be pressed onto with the vinyl transfer. A lot of our customers use the vinyl heat transfer for t-shirts, jerseys, hats, koozies, and even other non-fabric items like banners. As long as the product that the customer wants is able to withstand the high heat and pressure of the vinyl transfer then the final product can be produced with complete success.

vinylA vinyl heat transfer is a very innovative process that can be used on dry mesh clothing. The vinyl adhesive transfers extremely well onto dry mesh clothing like under armour, lululemon, and other types of high quality sportswear. When pressed correctly, which is always the case with the Wizard Creations heat press, the vinyl will be placed onto the fabric creating a smooth and professional look. Wizard Creations customers always get the highest quality design on their finished product when they work with us.

Our ultimate goal at Wizard Creations is to leave our customers with a final product they are completely satisfied with. While we have a wide variety of items to choose from within our Wizard Creations online catalog, if our customers are unable to find the exact item they want we urge them to give us a call. We are always willing to go the extra mile to get our customers the exact product they need to fulfill their order. Need an order completed fast? We have the option for a 24 hour rush service to get our customers all that they need within the next day. When working with Wizard Creations customers are guaranteed to get the best and lowest pricing locally and online.

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