3D Embroidery/ Applique

3dembroider23D embroidery, also known as puff or foam embroidery, is a technique of garment decoration where the surface of a design is raised up off the fabric in order to give it a 3D look. We do this 3D embroidery process in-house at Wizard Creations. The overall process involves a foam that is inserted under the top stitch of a fabric in order to raise the surface and make the embroidery design look 3D. The design can be in just about any color and our clients can request the desired thickness they want for the finished product. The 3D embroidery process creates a high quality look on the finished product that is innovative and fresh.


The best designs to use for 3D embroidery are ones that are have a simpler and basic look. Usually, particular fonts, single letters, and basic shapes are the types of designs that are used for the 3D embroidery process. While the designs might be simple it is clear in the finished product that the simple design has transformed into a high quality looking product that is perfect for retail value. On top of all that the 3D effect of the embroidery process really makes logos pop on a garment with a beautiful vibrancy. This 3D effect is an especially sought after look on larger garments.


3dembroidery1We tend to see that 3D embroidery is mostly used on garments that don’t require a lot of washing like hats, jackets, and other outerwear items. The best use of the embroidery process can clearly be seen on outerwear products. However, we have the ability to do 3D embroidery on any apparel type that our clients want to use for their design. Browse through our various apparel options in our online catalog and we will produce your design on anything that you choose.


At Wizard creations we see a lot of our clients use 3D embroidery to produce their designs onto hats, particularly baseball hats.  We typically see designs of single letters that are used to represent a sports team on hats we produce. The 3D embroidery method is perfect for sports teams from professional to little league. The 3D lettering is great for matching uniforms of sports teams and cheerleading teams too. A lot of heavy jackets use the single letter design as well which can be seen on a vast amount of varsity team jackets or letterman jackets.


Our 3D embroidery process offers clients a high quality retail look that can be achieved at an honest and reasonable price. This production method creates a retail look that is perfect for sportswear and fashion lines. The finished product of 3D embroidery gives the garment a distinctively vintage look which is a great way to make your company stand out from the rest.


Wizard Creations aims to make the production process work seamlessly when it comes to our clients. We work personally with every single one of our clients to bring all their creative ideas to life. Any request from our clients will surely be delivered to their greatest satisfaction.

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