Screen Printing

screenprintScreen printing is a production technique in which a mesh is used to transfer ink onto various types of material. The content that is to be produced is photographically transferred onto a very fine fabric such that the non-printing areas are blocked off and the fabric serves as a stencil. Ink is then wiped across the screen and passed through unblocked pores to reach the material which creates the final product. Wizard Creations provides crisp, durable printing using the best inks and materials ensuring the best quality production for clients.

At Wizard Creations we do all of our screen printing in-house. All products are directly manufactured and we pride ourselves on having USA made products. We have various types of apparel from hats to hoodies along with many more items to print on. If you don’t see what you are looking for within our catalog just give us a call and we will work hard to get you exactly what you need. Since screen printing is great for large multi-colored logos, producing apparel designs for companies, sports, and university logos is a Wizard Creations specialty.

screenprintingScreen printing is the ideal and cost-effective choice for designing and producing large multi-colored decorations or logos. You can get as creative as you want with your design because at Wizard Creations we have the ability to produce any design you come up with. Any challenge you give us we will be sure to meet.

We have multiple presses for producing all types of products including manual and automatic. By having multiple presses we are able to complete many projects all at once within record timing. Our presses produce the best quality designs for our clients within a short amount of time. We are certain that the final product our presses produce will exceed all expectations of our clients.

Manual presses are the best option to use for smaller quantity productions. For small events like a family reunion or a small sports team the manual press is the better and more cost efficient option. We are able to produce colorful designs using up to 6 colors with a manual press.

Automatic presses are the better option to choose for larger quantity productions. For a large event whether it be a 5k run or a large company luncheon the automatic press will be the best option in order to produce the large quantity of apparel in a short amount of time. On top of faster production automatic presses can produce products with up to 14 colors. This is helpful for designs that are more intricate with a lot more colors.

Wizard Creations works fast to produce all that you need for any event. We have the option for a 24 hour rush job in which we can produce all materials needed within a day with high quality. There is never a job that is too big is too small as we try to work with all our clients to meet their highest level of satisfaction. When you use Wizard Creations to produce what you need we can guarantee that you’re getting the best pricing online and locally.

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