Direct 2 Garment

direct2garmnt2Direct to garment, or DTG, is a process of printing on textiles and garments using a specialized inkjet technology. The specialty inks used in direct to garment are absorbed by the fibers of the fabric which applies them directly onto the garment. This particular technology is widely used by many t-shirt print shops and online t-shirt stores. The digital printing technology of direct to garment is non-contact, meaning the design is printed onto a garment without hand contact allowing for a more precise image. Non-contact with the printing allows the design to avoid image distortion that sometimes occurs in screen printing.

When you have a small quantity of products that are in need of a design it’s best to use the direct to garment process. A lot of Wizard Creation clients that have smaller printing orders are suggested to use our direct to garment printing process because it is the most suitable for small batches. It is the perfect process to use for clients that want 24 garments or less to be produced with their design. As we have mentioned before no job is too big or too small for Wizard Creations so even if our clients only want one product produced we will do it.

Since the direct to garment technology is as precise as a regular printer it has the ability to print designs with much higher detail than screen printing. Be as creative and colorful as you want with your design for direct to garment gives you a lot of room for creative freedom. Wizard Creations can do any custom image in any color because of the immaculate detail provided by direct to garment technology. The direct to garment technology allows the use of full color designs with maximum detail that is easily customizable. There is an extensive amount color options for direct to garment that allows our clients to use custom designs that are full of color and intricacies.

direct2garment1The fabric best used with our direct to garment technology is 100% cotton because the fibers of cotton products absorb the the specialty inks really well. Direct to garment designs are good on both white and dark colored clothing where full color designs will really pop on garments.There is no limit to the design or coloring of a product when using direct to garment printing.

There are many types of groups that only need a small amount of garments for their party or event. This makes direct to garment great for small family reunions, family vacations, or a small family event. Nobody will get lost from the family on vacation if every single person has the same bright colored shirts. Another group that will benefit from direct to garment printing are bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you’re celebrating a bachelor or bachelorette party for the soon-to-be wed then Wizard Creations is the perfect place to go for matching t-shirts and outfits for the party.

Small order requests are really the best for direct to garment printing and it’s the process Wizard Creations always suggests to clients with smaller orders. Check out our extensive online catalog full of items our clients can do direct to garment printing on. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call at 888.217.4084 or email us at and we will work to get you exactly what you need.

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