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A new popular form of printing production called digital printing is becoming as commonly used as offset printing. This rise in digital printing use is due to the fact that it eliminates a lot of the mechanical steps required for the conventional offset printing. Instead of using plates the way offset does, digital printing uses toner or larger printers that run with liquid ink. A huge benefit of digital printing is that it has variable data capability. So, when each piece being produced needs a unique code, name, or address digital will be the printing to use because offset printing is unable to accommodate this need.


At Wizard Creations we have both bulk and rush services for our clients to take advantage of when they need to send direct mailing materials out to a large customer base in a short amount of time. Let our Wizard Creations team help your business create personalized direct mailing to target the right customers.


One of the most common, high volume commercial printing technologies is offset printing. This printing technology uses plates to transfer the desired print image onto a rubber blanket, which rolls that image onto the printing surface. The offset name comes from the fact that the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper. The image that is to be printed receives ink from ink rollers while the non-printing area attracts a film of water which keeps the non-printing area free of ink. While the offset printing process can take more time than digital printing it is the best option for large quantity orders.


Here at Wizard Creations we believe your company logo should go on every single thing, even company packaging! Companies that have customized packaging really stand out to their customers and also to future potential customers. Custom packaging is a great platform for corporate branding and great way to keep customers interested. Packaging can make or break a company. Nobody gets excited when they receive a plain brown box in the mail. Yet, when a bright colored package displaying a vibrant company logo comes they’re usually jumping with joy.


Personalized business stationery is a great way for individuals to make a professional impact within their company and to outside sources. People put more of their trust into businesses that care about how they outwardly portray themselves. Overall, stationery items that have a high quality professional look are a lot more impactful in a business setting.

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