A new popular form of printing production called digital printing is becoming as commonly used as offset printing. This rise in digital printing use is due to the fact that it eliminates a lot of the mechanical steps required for the conventional offset printing. Instead of using plates the way offset does, digital printing uses toner or larger printers that run with liquid ink. A huge benefit of digital printing is that it has variable data capability. So, when each piece being produced needs a unique code, name, or address digital will be the printing to use because offset printing is unable to accommodate this need.

At Wizard Creations we provide a wide variety of digital printing services for our clients to utilize. Our digital printing services include flyers, business cards, posters, invitations, postcards, and save the date cards. All of these services are best to produce via digital printing when ordering smaller quantities that are under 100 items. No job is too big or too small for the Wizard Creations team. We can do orders with a minimum of under 10 items because digital printing makes it easy to print the exact amount items that are needed.

digital“Creativity is our specialty”, at Wizard Creations we live by this statement and we work with all kinds of custom designs. Our digital printing services allow for a lot of creative freedom and customization on each individual piece. Yet, a lot of the simpler designs are produced via digital printing because of how inexpensive it is, especially for items in only black and white colors. Whether you have an elaborate and complex design or a more basic and simple design we can easily produce it at Wizard Creations.

As mentioned we have a lot of items that can be made through our digital printing production. Invitations, postcards, and save the date cards are items that usually require addresses. Offset printing could also be used to produce these items but only if every single address was the same. Many invitations and other event cards go out to completely different addresses which is not something offset printing can easily accommodate. Digital printing is the best option because it has a variable data printing function which allows text and graphics to be changed on every individual item without stopping or slowing down the printing press.

When a client needs items printed fast we highly suggest using our digital printing services. The digital printing press is much more efficient than offset printing when producing items that are different from piece to piece. This process offers a much faster turnaround for production than offset printing and all items will be delivered in no time. Rush productions are frequently fulfilled thanks to the fast process of digital printing.

All of our clients are important to us. If you’re a big corporate company or a small startup or even an individual looking to produce items with digital printing you will get complete devotion from Wizard Creations to complete your order to your complete satisfaction.

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