Here at Wizard Creations we believe your company logo should go on every single thing, even company packaging! Companies that have customized packaging really stand out to their customers and also to future potential customers. Custom packaging is a great platform for corporate branding and great way to keep customers interested. Packaging can make or break a company. Nobody gets excited when they receive a plain brown box in the mail. Yet, when a bright colored package displaying a vibrant company logo comes they’re usually jumping with joy.

A slogan our Wizard Creations team lives by is “Creativity is our Specialty,” which holds true for every client we work with. No idea is too big or too small for the Wizard Creations team and we work hard to turn the custom designs of our clients into a reality. We have the ability to create packaging in all shapes and sizes with full color digital printing options. Our packaging production is not limited to boxes we can also design and produce retail quality bags. Wizard Creations will provide whatever type of packaging you’re looking for in the best quality with a professional look.

guitar-1There are many great examples of what our Wizard Creations team can do with custom design packaging by looking at clients we have worked with in the past. One of our most recent packaging designs were for Pokemon Go inspired flash drives. For the Pokemon Go flash drives we created a simple yet sleek packaging design in the shape of a square. The entire package was black with white font for all the lettering and the logo. While this was a simpler packaging design it complemented the simple but bold colors of the Poké Ball flash drives.

Another custom package design produced by the Wizard Creations team was for a resort and convention center. We helped design and produce packaging for an essential oils bar set provided to guests by the resort. The packaging was designed in a tasteful white and blue color combo with the resort logo plastered on the front and sides. All of our custom packaging are designed with the best and highest quality of materials which allows us to produce packaging of a professional caliber. For packaging that will impress come to Wizard Creations for all you packaging requests.

We work hard to provide our clients with exactly what they need and make sure they’re our core focus when working with them. That’s why we have an in-house Wizard Creations design team to help our clients through every step of the packaging design and creating process. At Wizard Creations we pride ourselves in being the best at what we do and we look forward to working on custom packaging with you.

Our pricing may vary depending on the quantity of packages ordered. We do guarantee all our clients the lowest pricing they can get locally and online for the best quality packaging.

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