Banners & Signs


Wizard Creations is the best place to get indoor signage for your brand. We are the best at what we do and we make it our core focus to help our clients get their message out to the world in a highly recognizable way. Signs are a great way to get your brand noticed by a large amount consumers for a great price compared to costly television commercials that only reach a small audience.


There are many options of outdoor signage to choose from within our Wizard Creations online catalog. All of our outdoor signs are durable and can survive various weather conditions that may come up at an outdoor event. We have only the best quality of outdoor signage within our catalog giving our clients long-lasting signs that can withstand the outdoors for a great length of time.


Banners are an amazing way for our clients to represent their brand in an eye-catching way. Wizard Creations has over a thousand different types of banners within the online catalog that are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Browse through countless banner options in our catalog on the Wizard Creations website to find the exact banner you want to represent your brand.

Trade Show

Trade shows are a Wizard Creations specialty. We can easily take care of all your trade show needs with our in-house design team and domestic production facility. There are over a thousands items within our Wizard Creations online catalog that are perfect for trade show use. Take a look within our catalog for the exact items you need and if there is an item you have trouble finding Wizard will work hard to get you exactly what you need.


An amazing and innovative way to represent your brand is through vehicle wraps. These wraps bring outdoor and mobile marketing to a whole new level. Unwrapped company vehicles are a complete missed opportunity for the businesses because a wrapped vehicle is a wonderful form of continual mobile advertising throughout the years. Wizard Creations will install the custom design of any company into a full color wrap that will have the attention-grabbing look to make your brand memorable.

ADA Compliant

ADA compliance are the standards for accessible design made possible by the Americans with Disabilities Act which was passed by the Department of Justice. The standards of ADA state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to those with disabilities. These standards apply to any commercial and public entities that have places of public accommodation, including internet. One of the biggest ADA compliances people see at all businesses and public places are signs with braille to help the blind.


A huge reason Wizard Creations is such a successful company is due to the fact that we offer many services that our competitors fail to provide. Which is why we’re one of the best options when it comes to specialty awards and trophies. At Wizard Creations we live by the phrase “Creativity is our specialty,” because we continue to go above and beyond with the custom designs of our clients.

“The value we get utilizing Wizard Creation’s talents and creativity is invaluable.”

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