Wizard Creations is the best place to get indoor signage for your brand. We are the best at what we do and we make it our core focus to help our clients get their message out to the world in a highly recognizable way. Signs are a great way to get your brand noticed by a large amount consumers for a great price compared to costly television commercials that only reach a small audience.

We have a wide variety of indoor signage of all shapes and sizes that would be perfect to represent your brand. The Wizard Creations online catalog has an extensive amount of signs to browse through leaving our clients with countless options for signs. If our client has any trouble finding the exact sign they want to use for their brand we will work hard with them to get them exactly what they need.

indoor2There are various types of indoor signage that our clients have the option to choose from. One type of indoor signage many of our clients use are retractable banners. These banners are the ultimate signage solution for trade shows, events, conventions, and business conferences. Our retractable banners are usually of vinyl or premium polyester fabric which gives them a durability to make the signs last for multiple events. When our clients order a retractable banner they have the option to print their graphic and message at no extra cost since our pricing includes the banner, graphic, and the stand altogether. The stand is an adjustable pole that has the ability to adjust to the perfect size for your display. This type of indoor signage is perfect to use for companies that have frequent events and conferences because we only provide our clients with the best and most durable signage. Our retractable banners are portable and easy to use with a professional quality to make your next event be a big hit.


Another great form of signage we offer at Wizard Creations are table placeholders. We have many clients that find table placeholders to be great for bars, restaurants, conventions, formal events, and weddings. There are a variety of table placeholders to choose from for your event within our Wizard Creations online catalog. Take a look through our table placeholder products to find the perfect fit for you event. We have table placeholders with 3 sides that are great for sending the consumer 3 different messages about your brand. Another one of our table placeholders have the ability to rotate which provides maximum visibility and advertising on tables, counters & other multi-sided fixtures. A unique table placeholder we have is the paddle display that has an area to place drink samples right in front of the customer. This particular placeholder is amazing for bars and restaurants to get customers to sample and buy the drink they’re currently advertising. When your company is looking for a way to send multiple messages at once the table placeholders is your best bet.

We can do any type of indoor signage beyond what you may find within our online catalog. If you’re looking for large and in-your-face signage we produce large vinyl wall wraps and floor wraps that are a great way to get your brand noticed indoors at businesses, stores, conferences, and other events. Our vinyl wall wraps are extremely eye-catching and will be very memorable to all who see them. They’re an extremely great way to get your brand noticed. Wizard Creations also produces floor wraps that are great at grabbing the attention of customers while they are walking around in stores, events, and conventions. At Wizard Creations our clients are always our core focus and we will help you get your brand’s message out to the world to your complete satisfaction.

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