specialtyinflatableOne of the specialty signs we created were for the Miami Dolphins football team. We designed and produced a specialty sign for the Miami Dolphins to use at the Dolphins Cancer Challenge event. This event is supported by the Miami Dolphins to raise funds for cancer research. Everyone can participate even young children by running, walking, or riding a bicycle. For this particular event Wizard Creations created 10 foot high lettering in the color teal. There were 3 letters made, F, N, and S. Once set up the letters spelled out “FINS” with an empty space for the letter “I” where any passersby could jump in and be the letter themselves.

Before Wizard Creations even started working on the specialty signs for the Miami Dolphins Cancer Challenge event we had a meeting with the team. We always meet with our clients when working on specialty projects to make sure everyone is on the same page. Meeting to discuss creative ideas allows Wizard Creations to create and produce the strongest message through professional quality signage. We believe that no job is too big or too small for us to produce. So, we will work together with any company to transform their creative ideas for specialty signs into reality.

Our specialty sign with the Miami Dolphins shows the amount of creativity we are able help our clients produce. The sign was extremely effective in getting the Miami Dolphins noticed at the event because the letters were able to turn fans into the brand. Giving people the option to become the “I” created amazing photo opportunities for the brand and fans alike. Interactive signs like the Miami Dolphins are just one version of the specialty signs Wizard Creations has the ability to make. Wizard Creations is unafraid to deal with the unknown, we are always producing items that have never been done before to the complete satisfaction of our clients. We strive to make the impossible possible, which is why many clients work with us to create their specialty signage.

While a specialty sign might be a little bit more work due to the uniqueness of the design we still offer the best pricing and production time. When creating a specialty sign with Wizard Creations our clients are guaranteed to be getting the lowest price locally and online. Most of our production is done domestically but even our overseas productions yield the best quality products. To advertise your brand through signs and other products the quality of the sign should always be of high professional quality. Production of high quality items with a professional look is something companies will always receive when working with Wizard Creations.

At Wizard Creations we absolutely love producing creative ideas, like the Miami Dolphins special “FINS” lettering, for our clients. Our clients have to ability to get as creative as they want with the design they want to represent their brand. Wizard Creations loves a good challenge when it comes to creative designs and we’re open to all ideas big and small. We cannot wait to help you work on your next special product for your brand.

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