Wizard Creations is proud to manufacture products that are USA made. That’s why we do all of our outdoor signage in-house at our domestic production factories. This allows us to work more efficiently and complete the orders of our clients in a short amount of time. We only produce signage of professional quality that is durable for long-lasting and multiple uses. When you’re in need for good quality outdoor signage Wizard Creations is the place to work with.


There are many options of outdoor signage to choose from within our Wizard Creations online catalog. All of our outdoor signs are durable and can survive various weather conditions that may come up at an outdoor event. We have only the best quality of outdoor signage within our catalog giving our clients long-lasting signs that can withstand the outdoors for a great length of time.

While many of our clients use the outdoor signage at outdoor events like sports games we also have companies that use the outdoor signs to advertise their company in residential areas. One type of outdoor signage we see used a lot to advertise a brand in residential areas are stake signs. Stake signs are outdoor signage that can be stuck into the ground, usually on grass or in people’s yards. There are many stake sign options within the Wizard Creations online catalog that are great for sports games, festivals, and even to show support for a political candidate. Many alarm companies use stake signs as an additional way for their customers to feel safe at home by displaying that their home has an alarm system. Wizard Creations also sees a lot of realtors use stake signs to show off properties they have for sale. These signs are amazing at advertising outdoor businesses like construction and lawn service. The portability and durability of the stake signs make them great for multiples uses and can be taken to multiple work places throughout the day. Stake signs come in hundreds of different styles and sizes so look through our online catalog at the Wizard Creations website to pick the perfect stake sign to represent your brand.

outdoor-signAnother great type of outdoor signage that is great for getting your brand noticed is directional signage. There are vastly different types of directional signage like sidewalk signs and metal plate signs. Sidewalk signs, also known as parking lot signs, are great for sporting events, conventions, and business events that are taking place outdoors. A parking lot sign can tell people where they need to go while advertising your company at the same time. The metal plates in our catalog for directional signage are mainly used outside businesses as a way to direct people to the right place. All of the directional signage we provide our clients are created with durable materials like aluminum and polyester fabric that are great for the outdoors and have the ability to sustain all kinds of weather conditions.

We have some more unique types of signage in our online catalog like circle flexi billboards and giant arrows signs. The circle flexi billboards within our catalog are portable, lightweight, and convenient for both indoor and outdoor use.These steel A-frame banners communicate a message to target audiences and they are highly visible which makes them an excellent use at trade shows, promotions, sporting events, and much more. They’re particularly great for on-site outdoor marketing as these billboards tend to include 4 ground spikes that give it a stable presentation. Arrow signs are a unique yet popular form of outdoor signage that many companies use to advertise their brand. These signs are frequently seen on sidewalks with a dancing sign holder directing people towards the business entrance. All of the outdoor signage of Wizard creations is created to look professional with full color and a durability for the sign to last through multiple uses.

At Wizard Creations we will take care of all of your outdoor signage needs. Our clients are our priority and we work hard to deliver professional quality signage with the perfect design to represent your business. No client job is too big or too small for Wizard Creations and we make sure our clients get a final product they are completely satisfied with representing their brand.

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