Trade show

Trade shows are a Wizard Creations specialty. We can easily take care of all your trade show needs with our in-house design team and domestic production facility. There are over a thousands items within our Wizard Creations online catalog that are perfect for trade show use. Take a look within our catalog for the exact items you need and if there is an item you have trouble finding Wizard will work hard to get you exactly what you need.

We understand browsing through countless items in our catalog can be quite overwhelming which is why we offer trade show packages for our clients. These packages will take the headache out of planning an entire trade show display. We have three types of trade show packages to choose from. There is the basic starter package, the more elaborate intermediate package, and the big business corporate package. Each trade show package comes with the basics which include a trade show table cover with your company logo, a standing retractable banner, and a large fabric background display to fully represent your brand. With each level of trade show packages our client gets more and more items. So, to get the most bang for your buck our corporate trade show package is the best selection with the most amount of materials for your trade show display.

tradeshowTrade show displays are one of the best ways to get your company recognized and renowned within its industry. Our starter trade show package includes everything our clients need to make an impact and long-lasting impression on both attendees and exhibitors at their next trade show or corporate business event. Our Wizard Creations team will help clients design their entire custom trade show display no matter what the product because “creativity is our specialty” and we believe your should put your company logo on everything. The visibility of your company’s brand is sure to increase with a customized trade show display from Wizard Creations.

Wizard Creations is the best company to work with when creating a trade show display because trade shows are a huge part of our own company. The main reason we have so much fresh knowledge about the trade show scene is due to the fact that we attend all of the local, national, and international product trade shows around the world. At Wizard Creations we firmly believe that “knowledge is power” and we can easily share this knowledge with clients in order to make their trade show display the best that it can be.

No idea is too big or too small and the same goes for companies. Wizard Creations works with all kinds of companies from big corporate business to small start-ups just starting to get their brand name out into the world. We dedicate the same amount of time and effort to each one of our clients because all are equally special to us. Wizard Creations is the perfect place for small businesses to come and get their brand noticed because we guarantee the best and lowest pricing locally and online. All of our products are produced with the highest quality look and we work hard to help our clients every step of the way.

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