vehiclewrapAn amazing and innovative way to represent your brand is through vehicle wraps. These wraps bring outdoor and mobile marketing to a whole new level. Unwrapped company vehicles are a complete missed opportunity for the businesses because a wrapped vehicle is a wonderful form of continual mobile advertising throughout the years. Wizard Creations will install the custom design of any company into a full color wrap that will have the attention-grabbing look to make your brand memorable.

We do vehicle wraps for a variety of different sized vehicles. These vehicles include Sedans, Hybrid SUVs, Full Size SUVs, Pick-up Trucks, and even Box Trucks. Our vehicle wraps can be in vinyl, film, and other long-lasting materials. The cast film we have for vehicle wraps are a new technology with superior conformability and lifting resistance that are perfect for wrapping deep channels or concave areas on a vehicle. For longer lasting wraps we suggest our clients use our high quality vinyl wrapping on the entire car that will be good for up to 5 years of use. Some companies only need a small and simple wrap which is when Wizard Creations suggests the calendered bubble free vinyl to customers. This material is quicker to produce and easier to install and best for companies that only need one side of the car to advertise. The best way to find the perfect vehicle wrap is by browsing through our online catalog..

The production of vehicle wraps at Wizard creations are not only for vehicles such as cars and trucks. We also havehiclewrapsve the ability to wrap boats, planes, and ancillary types of vehicles. The more mobility vehicles you have in your company the more opportunities your company to advertise their brand. We believe in doing the impossible so bring in any vehicle to Wizard Creations and we will work with you to create the vehicle wrap you need.

Wizard Creations has worked on the customization of vehicle wraps for various companies. In December 2015 we wrapped a Ford Transit vehicle for the Miami Dolphins to advertise their yearly Dolphins Cancer Challenge event. Before that we worked with the Humane Society of Greater Miami to promote their free and low cost veterinary services with a vehicle wrap on a van. More recently we helped CarSaver, an auto-buying program with low cost vehicles, wrap an entire fleet of cars and trucks to advertise their services. If you happen to live in Fort Lauderdale you have probably seen our infamous Wizard Creations car showing off one of our most creative vehicle wraps with a wizard hat on top.

At Wizard Creations we always say “Creativity is our specialty,” and we are prepared to tackle any idea that our clients throw at us. Our in-house design team allows us to help our clients every step of the way in creating their perfect vehicle wrap. We work hard to produce high quality wraps with a professional look that will be long-lasting in all types of weather conditions. We guarantee our clients the lowest pricing locally and online for their vehicle wraps. The advertising use companies will get out of these wraps will far outweigh the costs. Give us a call today at 888.217.4084 or email us at to get your vehicle wrapped up right away.

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