ADA Compliant

ADA compliance are the standards for accessible design made possible by the Americans with Disabilities Act which was passed by the Department of Justice. The standards of ADA state that all electronic and information technology must be accessible to those with disabilities. These standards apply to any commercial and public entities that have places of public accommodation, including internet. One of the biggest ADA compliances people see at all businesses and public places are signs with braille to help the blind.

All businesses should utilize ADA compliance with their signs, not just because it’s the law but because including everyone is the right thing to do. At Wizard Creations we are proud to provide ADA compliant signs within our online catalog. We work with our clients to provide ADA compliant signs to ensure that their businesses are up to ADA standards. There are quite a few options for ADA compliant signs in our catalog which include premade and non-premade signs.

There are a variety of premade ADA signage within our online catalog on Wizard Creations. One of our most commonly used premade signage are ADA restroom signs. Our ADA restroom signs come in blue and white or black and white. We have restroom signs for women only, men only, and family restrooms. Some other common premade ADA signage that we have ready to ship out are ADA exit signs, no smoking signs, and signs indicating stairs. These are all ADA signs that are important for a business to have in order to ensure the safety of those with disabilities. Typical shipping time for these types of signage takes usually a week but we do have the ability to provide rush service that can have them delivered in 3 days or less.

Our Wizards Creations online catalog has quite a few options for ADA signage that are not premade. The ADA signage that is not premade allow businesses to customize the sign to say exactly what they need while providing the braille translation underneath. We have wall signs that are perfect to use in hospitals, churches, schools, universities, military, and at many more various types of businesses. These ADA wall signs have a variety of applique colors and substrate colors to choose from. When clients work with Wizard Creations they can rest assured that they are receiving signage that complies with ADA.


ADA signage is essential to have for those with disabilities to get around public places and businesses seamlessly. Our online catalog has ADA signage that can be used for inside and outside. Be sure to double check the exact type of sign you’re choosing from our catalog because some of them are only for indoor use. We have ADA signage in all shapes and sizes.

Not many companies are are able to contend with the extensive Wizard Creations online catalog. This is why we are the best company to work with to make sure your company looks good. We have many items that other distributors lack, like our ADA signage. On top of all that we guarantee our clients the lowest prices they can find locally and online. Any time there is an item our client wants that is not in our catalog we make sure to go the extra mile to try and find them exactly what they need. Wizard Creations always wants clients to leave completely satisfied from working with us.

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