Companies and businesses give out awards for a variety of reasons. Whether it be for employee recognition or to commend an entire team or business for innovative practices. In order to make an award meaningful it should be designed to look unique and produced by the best. That’s where Wizard Creations comes in to help with every and any awards need you have for your company.

We have a wide variety of glass awards to choose from within our Wizard Creations online catalog. There are awards with a simple glass surface and more elaborate awards like a glass award in the shape of a droplet. Many of our glass awards are designed by hand to be unique to the person receiving the recognition. If there are any type of glass awards you’re looking for in particular that can’t be found in our online catalog please let us know. We work hard to find exactly what our clients need.

These glass awards are perfect to use for corporate, retirement, and many collegiate types of commendations. Glass awards add an air of sophistication that will impress everyone. The design of the glass award should be a representation of the person receiving the commendation and all the strides they made to be honored with it. This is why we have such a vast collection of glass awards that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. We believe people should receive the best quality awards which is why we only provide the best.

At Wizard Creations we understand that choosing the perfect award to represent the company can be somewhat overwhelming. Which is why our team is dedicated to helping our clients through the award making process at every step of the way. We work with both big corporate companies and small family owned business and we give everyone we work with the best customer service to show how much we care. We want to see our clients leave us happy with their experience and completely satisfied with the final production of their awards.

In the age of technology, glass awards show a personal touch for recognition that really goes a long way. We will work with any custom design no matter how big or small and no matter how simple or complex. Give us your idea and our Wizard Creations in-house design team will make sure your custom design is turned into a reality. The personalization doesn’t stop there. All of our glass awards are individually boxed, with care, for an elegant presentation. We have quite a variety of box materials including satin and velvet and we will box the award in whichever way our client chooses.

All of our glass awards are laser engraved, etching custom designs in the highest quality. Rest assured that these awards are engraved with the best quality and all final designs are sent for approval before the complete etching is done. Our engraving prices vary depending on the award type and custom design. To receive exact pricing it would be best to give us a call at 888.217.4084 or email us at These are the awards you’ll want to use to impress the best.

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