Name tags are another form of corporate branding that should be utilized by all companies. They’re a great way for employees to be easily recognized by work staff and clients. Employees typically where name tags around the office only but many also wear them for business meetings and lunches which is great for representing the company name to people outside of the company. The best way to have a company name tag that is memorable is by creating a custom design. This is where Wizard Creations comes in to help find the best name tag for your company.

In our Wizard Creations online catalog we have a wide variety of name tags and badges to choose from. They come in several different shapes, sizes, and colors depending on the type of name tag you’re looking to represent your company. Our name tags come in a variety of materials including metal, plastic, aluminum, and much more. We have a lot of options for company name tags and they all have either magnetic backings or pin backings. It all depends on the name tag design you want to represent your company logo.

Name tags are a great addition to company attire for quite a few reasons. It is quite helpful to have name tags for customer service reasons. The name tag makes it easier for customers and clients to recognize who works at the company and who can provide the help they need. Employees with name tags demonstrate that their company is of professional caliber. On top of professionality, the name tags are a great way to keep a company secure, particularly in corporate offices. When employees are required to wear name tags it makes it easy to identify who belongs in the office and who doesn’t. This extra security is really helpful for companies that deal with high-tech gadgets, expensive equipment, or highly classified information.

There are some pretty unique name tags we have to offer within our Wizard Creations online catalog. One of our unique name tags come in the shape of a house. These house shaped name tags are the perfect design for people that work in realty or other types of housing businesses. We have quite a few uniquely shaped name tags in our online catalog. If there is particular shape design you want for you name tags that aren’t in our catalog please let us know. At Wizard Creations “Creativity is our Specialty,” and we work with all types of custom designs. Our in-house design team is prepared to help our clients at every step in the process of creating a custom name tag.

We offer full color name tags including photo ID badges as well as traditional engraved badges. Name tags can be designed with any color and any engraving you want to display your company logo. Our products are of the highest quality and we only provide the best name tag products we can find. All employees will be representing the company with the highest quality of name tags. Any other information you may want or need about our name tag productions can be answered by giving us a call at 888.217.4084 or by emailing

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