Overseas Sourcing

Other companies claim to have a presence overseas, but we actually have factories on the ground in which we produce millions of products every year. No matter whether or not you choose to have an inventory or no-inventory store our experienced staff takes care of all the fulfillment details for each of the orders placed in your store.

Wizard China Direct

Wizard only produces the highest quality products through our factories overseas. We also work with factories that have the tightest labor laws in the industry. We are a proud American company through and through, but with the ever-changing global marketplace at our fingertips we offer our Wizard China direct service to save money for our larger clients BULK orders and CUT OUT THE MIDDLE MAN!

Please note that approximate production times and shipping times are increased. Standard overseas orders take anywhere from 25-90 days for completion (including ocean ship).

For more information on our Wizard China Direct Services please call us direct at 888-217-4084 or email us at info@wizardcreations.com

Global Sourcing Process

Example: Custom Bobble Head    Client: Florida Atlantic University


Step 1 – Concept:

Client emailed us asking for a custom Bobblehead to be molded after their mascot’ They sent us a picture of the front and back of the mascot for inspiration.

Step 2 – Description of Project:

They stated that the bobblehead would have to be placed on a green base that looked like grass of a football field. All 4 sides of the base would have the Date, Location, Organization & FAU listed.

Step 3 – Quote Project for Customer:

This is where Wizard Creations really makes the difference in overseas sourcing. we closely maintain relationships with over 75 factories in Asia and Worldwide. Our sourcing capabilities are unmatched in the industry. We have over 30 years of combined experience working with factories to deliver the highest quality products for our clients. For this particular bobblehead job, we sourced the project through 5 separate factories in Asia that specialize in this process. We selected the factory based on the following criteria…




Step 4 – Client Approval / PO Submission:

The client approved the pricing and then sent us a Purchase Order for the Bobbleheads


Step 5 – Mold Process

Once the order was approved and factory selected, our art department systematically works with our partner overseas to create a mold of the bobblehead for the client to approve.

Step 6 – Client Approval of Mold:

Client will review the mold and then indicate approval. Once mold is approved, we then move on to the full color phase in which the bobblehead is painted to patch the photos we received.

Step 7 – Full Color Proof I Sample Mailed:

We paint the bobblehead for final Proof Approval and email a picture for the client to approve. If time permits, we will also ship a “live sample” to the client to proof in person.

Step 8 – Final Approval I Determine Shipment Method:

Once the client approves the final “live sample,” then the client will chose their shipment method. Depending on the in hands date the client has we may have to expedite the shipment, but the traditional method of shipment is via ocean freight container.

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