Catalog Programs



While larger corporations traditionally set up a Company Web Store, smaller Clients tend to implement a Catalog Program. Catalog Programs are designed for companies that have 1-5 locations and under 1,000 employees. They don’t need to have a fully automated web store like corporations do, but they still want a Branded Merchandise Program.

Wizard Creations created the Catalog Program to give clients the option between an online store or traditional catalog program for their users to purchase Branded Merchandise from’ Like the Company Web Store model, Wizard Creations’ Catalog program still offers the following.


Ordering Process

The ordering process for the Catalog Program is much different then using an online store, but still user friendly and effective. Users shop in their company’s Catalog for the custom apparel and promotional products they need to promote their brand. Once the items have been chosen, the user will submit a purchase order to Wizard Creations via fax or email.


Fulfillment & Distribution

No matter whether or not you choose to implement a Company Web Store or Company Catalog program our experienced staff takes care of all the fulfillment details for each of the orders placed in your store. Our customer service team will take care of processing and shipping out catalog orders the same way that we handle online orders.

Catalog orders are shipped via UPS, unless you make other arrangements with us. Tracking numbers are also emailed to the user as well. This process ensures all catalog orders are delivered on time, EVERY TIME!

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