Awards & Trophies


Acrylic Awards are one of the newest type of the awards being used by many companies today. These awards are an excellent choice for use as Corporate Awards but can be used for however you see fit. There are several different sizes, colors and price ranges for you to choose from within our online catalog. Each award we assemble will be placed into their own individual box. We know our clients want their awards produced with the best quality in the fastest time possible which is why we produce our awards in-house at our domestic production facilities.


These glass awards are perfect to use for corporate, retirement, and many collegiate types of commendations. Glass awards add an air of sophistication that will impress everyone. The design of the glass award should be a representation of the person receiving the commendation and all the strides they made to be honored with it. This is why we have such a vast collection of glass awards that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. We believe people should receive the best quality awards which is why we only provide the best.


Medals are a great way to pay recognition to people who have made achievements in sports, military, science, academics, and other arenas. It helps make people feel appreciated for their hard work and services provided to their field of expertise. They are also great for commemorating people for years of dedicated service and influence in the world. Medals have even been commissioned for particular individuals, usually with their portrait, as a form of diplomatic or personal gift.


Name tags are another form of corporate branding that should be utilized by all companies. They’re a great way for employees to be easily recognized by work staff and clients. Employees typically where name tags around the office only but many also wear them for business meetings and lunches which is great for representing the company name to people outside of the company. The best way to have a company name tag that is memorable is by creating a custom design. This is where Wizard Creations comes in to help find the best name tag for your company.


Plaques are a great type of award to use for the recognition and motivation of employees, volunteers, and students. The plaque design is a great choice for celebrating an achievement. It has a traditional yet classy look that will never go out of style. We have plaques that are specific for sports or corporate events. But our plaques can be used for any type of award or for a loving recognition of a family member.


A huge reason Wizard Creations is such a successful company is due to the fact that we offer many services that our competitors fail to provide. Which is why we’re one of the best options when it comes to specialty awards and trophies. At Wizard Creations we live by the phrase “Creativity is our specialty,” because we continue to go above and beyond with the custom designs of our clients.

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