Medals are a great way to pay recognition to people who have made achievements in sports, military, science, academics, and other arenas. It helps make people feel appreciated for their hard work and services provided to their field of expertise. They are also great for commemorating people for years of dedicated service and influence in the world. Medals have even been commissioned for particular individuals, usually with their portrait, as a form of diplomatic or personal gift.

If you’re planning on recognizing someone’s achievement with a medal like any of the above our services at Wizard Creations are perfect for you. We have an extremely extensive online catalog with thousands of options for all kind of medal designs. Our medals come in various materials including metal, iron, silver, bronze, gold, brass, and much more. We have medals specifically for sports, running events, and charity events. All of the medals we offer can be created with a custom design of your choosing.

There are several medals in our online catalog that are pre-made for 5ks, specific sports, and competitions. We work with a lot of high schools and colleges to produce awards for all sporting and competitive events. Schools will find a lot of medals in our catalog that are tailored to recognize the scholastic excellence of their students. There are a handful of scholastic medals we have in all school subjects like math, reading, science, history, and to award special honors. Our scholastic medals are pre-made which makes them great for schools that need a fast delivery. Since a lot of our productions are done domestically our finished products are completed in record timing.

While our pre-made medals are great for awards that are given out often we do also have several blank medals that are the perfect to use for customized designs. A majority of custom designed medals are etched on inserts that are placed into a backing of metal or other materials. We can do etching of custom designs in full color or single color depending on what the medal is for. Wizard Creations believe in making the impossible possible so no matter how complex a medal design, we will extend our best efforts to turn it into a reality.

All of our medals are made with the highest quality materials and hand polished to perfection. When people get a medal they usually need something attached to it so they can wear it around their neck. Which is why we offer a variety of colors in neck ribbons with single color and multi color options. We even have the option to use leis as the Any medal design requests that our clients want the Wizard Creations team aims to meet. We want our clients to receive medals that are made to their complete satisfaction with a memorable and high quality look.

Our pricing varies depending on the type of medal and that amount of design work needed to complete it. Many of the accessories like neck ribbons and holders are separately priced. We also have special boxes for the medals that can be added onto your order for an extra cost. For the total cost of all your custom designed medal needs please give us a call at 888.217.4084 or email us

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