Direct mailing tends to be a hassle for businesses and many avoid doing it altogether. Companies that avoid direct mailing are missing out on a highly effective opportunity for their brand to reach a larger audience. While direct mailing is seen as time-consuming and expensive, our clients at Wizard Creations receive the complete opposite experience. At Wizard Creations we provide our clients with easy and affordable direct mailing, which helps their brand expand beyond their current customer base.

We offer a variety of direct mailing options for our clients to utilize for effective customer outreach. In the Wizard Creations extensive online catalog we offer postcards, letters, and dimensional mailers to meet all of our clients direct mailing needs. All of these items are easy to customize with the exact message your company wants to bring into the hands of customers. Our Wizard Creations team is ready and available to help our clients bring their ideas to life at every step of the direct mailing process. We will help your business choose the best format to bring your message to customers, whether it be on a postcard, letter, or dimensional mailer.

mailingOne of the most popular forms of direct mailing for our clients is sending out postcards with a targeted message to their customers. Postcard mailing is an extremely fast and effective way to get the message of your brand into the hands of a wide variety of customers. In our Wizard Creations catalog we offer all kinds of postcards for direct mailing use that have the ability for full color design. Some of our postcard mailers can be fixed with a magnet for an additional cost. These magnetic postcards give an extra impact to direct mailing and will be much more widely read than the regular direct mailing options. Our direct mailing services will help your brand message pop off the postcards that are sent out to your company’s customers and potential customers.

Our clients can also send out personalized letters to their customer base when they want a more professional look to their message. However, if your brand wants to push the envelope of direct mailing you can use the attention-grabbing dimensional mailers we offer in our Wizard Creations online catalog. We have flat and dynamic dimensional mailers to display an eye-catching message from your brand. A lot of our dimensional mailers are interactive where customers pull tabs to see different images. This allows your company to not only capture the attention of customers but to give multiple messages in one piece of mail. By using the direct mailing services of Wizard Creations your company designs, prints, and mails all branding materials in the conveniency of one place.

At Wizard Creations we have both bulk and rush services for our clients to take advantage of when they need to send direct mailing materials out to a large customer base in a short amount of time. Let our Wizard Creations team help your business create personalized direct mailing to target the right customers. We guarantee our clients will receive the lowest pricing locally and online for all the direct mailing materials they need. For more information about Wizard Creations direct mailing services please give us a call at 888.217.4084 or email us at

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