debossapparelDebossing is another production method that has become more popularly used for adding designs onto apparel and other various items. In the process of debossing, Wizard Creations takes the client logo design and turns it into a digital file that will be used to etch a metal plate. This metal plate is then mounted on a press, quite similar to a heat press, which is used to brand the logo with very high pressure and very high temperatures.

The intricate process of debossing creates a unique 3D appearance with a subtle tone-on-tone look for any design that a client wants to use. Our client designs always come out in extraordinary detail onto any item of their choice when they use the deboss production method. It is commonly used to place designs on a lot of leather products like padfolios, which is known as hot stamping. We have a lot of our clients use the debossing method for their designs to go on items like journals, portfolios, and bags. However, we have plenty more items within our online catalog that can be debossed.

debossingIn addition to using the debossing process on leather products, here at Wizard Creations we have the ability to do this process on soft textile fabrics. These finer types of items benefit from the precisely tuned detailing that debossing gives to all of our products. The eye-catching 3D imprint that debossing creates will give your brand a clear and refined look. This process is highly ideal for when you want to be assured that your company’s message is stated with the utmost clarity on a product.

This technique has the ability to apply your design virtually anywhere, aside from the seams or zippers on clothing. So, get creative with your design placement because the deboss process will take care of it in any position. The deboss process is known for the unusual design placements, like the shoulder of a garment. We have the finest quality products in our online catalog for design placement, including technical garments. The debossing process is amazing for technical garments like activewear and fleece because it will never puncture or ruin the material when placing a design. It allows finer clothing products to retain their waterproof and windproof capabilities because the deboss won’t ever destroy the fabric during the process.

From colorful complex designs to simple single colored designs the deboss process will make your design pop. This production process works great on any and all colored items, especially on darker clothing. Debossing is usually the process clients use in place of laser etching when using darker items for your logo design. Deboss has the ability to make any design look clear and vibrant on the darkest of colors while retaining a high quality retail look.

Wizard Creations loves to work with the most creative of designs by our clients. We guarantee that our deboss service creates finalized products our clients will be completely satisfied with. No request is too big or too small for Wizard Creations and we will work hard to produce exactly what our clients want for their orders.

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