Embroidery is another type of production that is done in-house at Wizard Creations. The design for the embroidery is stitched into the fabric using an embroidery machine. A computerized embroidery machine uses digitized designs and patterns for the embroidery software. This machine is used to add logos and monograms to business shirts, jackets, and sports clothing along with household linens like towels, draperies and other fabrics.

At Wizard Creations we suggest the use of embroidery production in order to achieve the most timeless and classic look when it comes to the products wanted. Garments and other products are given a high quality appearance that is truly long lasting when done with embroidery. There many things that our clients can do with embroidery so be sure to let your imagination run wild with your design. The use of embroidery will give your company, school, or organization an overall upscale and professional look.

embroidery (1)When it comes to apparel decoration, embroidery is a truly classic technique. When our clients see the results they are never disappointed. Wizard Creations always properly executes embroidery production providing a high-value look to all sorts of designs. Embroidery production is a durable, time-honored method that uses an incredible array of thread colors to match all of the colors in the designs of our clients.

Through the use of embroidery production we are able to process the finest details of logos, crests, and more onto all types of garments and products. There are a wide array of colors our clients are able to choose from for their designs and we also have the option of high impact wool stitching. Our many colors permit us to have threads that can match any logo design a client brings to us. Embroidery can also be done in non-traditional threads like wool, which is a heavy thick thread that is perfect for designs with big logos.

There are many uses for embroidery production onto garments. While many clients use embroidery to produce their designs on the breast or chest of a shirt we can also do accenting on the sleeves or collars of garments. Bring Wizard Creations your custom design and we will create your embroidered design on any type of product you want. We have a wide variety of products that clients can place their designs on within are extensive online catalog. We suggest clients to take a look through everything or give us a call to discuss exactly what you’re looking for.

embroideryIn order to work with Wizard Creations on embroidery production our clients will need to have at least a 12 piece minimum. However, at Wizard Creations we believe that there is no job that is too big or too small. Here at Wizard Creations we are able to guarantee clients the lowest price locally and online. We even have the ability for a rush 24 hour service in case clients need a product within the next day. Our goal is to have our clients leave with finished orders that are produced to their complete satisfaction.

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