Dye Sublimation

dyesublimation1Dye sublimation is a digital printing process that uses heat to transfer dye onto various types of materials. The process begins with ink that consists of solid dye particles in a liquid suspension which are usually water-based. This ink is then transferred over to another medium that is usually heat-resistant paper, printed in a reverse image. The paper has a special coating that will not only accept the ink but will facilitate its release in the next step of the dye sublimation process. In the next step the heat press is used to transfer the paper image onto fabric in order to create the finished product.

In particular, dye sublimation is used to print on polyester and other synthetic fabrics because these materials yield the best results. The reason it works best on these materials are due to the fact that dye sublimation slightly melts the polyester fabric which allow the design to fuse well with the fabric creating a well-rounded design. This process is what makes dye sublimation finished products so durable and colorfast. A fabric with dye sublimation can be washed many times eliminating the fear of damage to the design. The images won’t peel or fade when dye sublimation is used.

dyesublimation2Bright colorful designs are great to use with dye sublimation because they won’t lose their vibrancy with repeat washes. Large designs are another great use of dye sublimation because an image can be printed on the entirety of a fabric with no difficulty in printing all the way to the edges of the fabric. While the printing speed tends to be low it’s worth it for crisp and vibrant look that it gives the finished product. Dye sublimation is the creative engine that drives creative ideas into apparel.

Wizard Creations sees the dye sublimation process used a lot on racecar jackets and sports jerseys. This process is widely used for sports because it has the ability to create an equal vibrancy of sponsorship designs all over the entire jacket. When sports teams and players have sponsorships they want to be confident that their apparel will portray them in eye-catching yet high quality format. This is what dye sublimation does best by transferring bright colored logos and designs to any portion of a fabric. On top of the vibrancy of the designs all players and teams can be assured that the logos won’t fade or crack over the time that the garment is used.

dyesublimation3In addition to clothing, Wizard Creations produces a lot of signage materials with colorful designs through dye sublimation. We produce a lot of high quality signage images on pop-up tents, flags, barricade covers, and a whole lot more. Take a look through our online catalog of different types of signage as any of our items will make designs easy-to-see with the dye sublimation process. The dye sublimation will create signage will long-lasting vibrant designs that will be great for all types of events throughout the years.

Here at Wizard Creations we believe that no design job is too big or too small or to simple or complex. We will work with our clients to create a final product that makes them satisfied with our services. If there is a product you need that you can’t find in our online catalog don’t hesitate to give us a call at 888.217.4084 or email us at info@wizardcreations.com. We work hard to make sure our clients get exactly what they want.

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