Discharge Printing

dischargeDischarge printing is a screen printing process where discharge inks are used instead of normal ink. It’s a highly unique process that strays away from the screen printing norms but it is also a more costly process. This discharge ink, which is a chemical, removes the dye of the garment instead of putting color on top of it. The discharge printing process is similar to bleaching a design but it doesn’t damage the fibers in the way that bleaching would mess with a product. This process is designed for the inks to go directly onto the product. As a result of the discharge printing process the product finishes with an extremely soft print.

Darker colored products benefit from discharge printing as it is a great way to achieve colors on darker materials. The discharge printing process is the best way to print on dark colored garments with non-traditional inks. Discharge ink is a clear ink with an activator added. This activator is what causes the dye in the fabric to be deactivated. There are some fabric dyes that withstand the discharge reaction from the ink and take on the tint of the original fabric color. This can actually make for a really cool blended look on garments, especially when using the color white.

discharge2We have a wide variety of products within our Wizard Creations online catalog that work great with discharge printing. Products with 100% cotton materials or natural fibers are known to yield the best end results when using discharge printing. A lot of the products in our catalog that discharge printing works well with our towels, blankets, sweatshirts, shirts, hoodies, and other products with reactive dyes in the fabric.

This unique printing process is great for clients that want their design well-blended into a product. Since, the discharge printing method places the inks directly into the fibers of the garment it results in a cohesive look that can be seen in a lot of high retail stores. The discharge printing process is great for designs that are bright and detailed. A design produced by the discharge process will pop with a high vibrancy while maintaining a great amount of detail on the fabric.

Since the process of discharge printing is a bit more complex we do require our clients to have a 72 piece minimum for their order. A lot of our clients use the discharge printing process to create a trendy look that has a high end finish. This process is perfect for clients that want to produce high retail clothing lines and products. While discharge printing is a bit more costly than screen printing the finished product is always worth it.

Wizard Creations aims to produce all of our client designs to their complete satisfaction. No request is too big or complex for us to complete. If there is a certain type of item that can’t be found within our extensive online catalog we are happy to work with our clients to find them exactly what they need.

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