3D Heat Seal

3d-heat-sealA new and exciting production technique we use here at Wizard Creations is a 3D heat seal technology. This is also known as heat transfer printing and it is the process of applying heat-applied materials to various items using a heat press. These heat-applied materials have a heat sensitive adhesive on one side that is used for application onto items. When the heat press applies heat to the heat sensitive adhesive it sticks fast to the item that the adhesive is being applied to. As a result, the final product is a newly decorated item.

Wizard Creations is one of only a few select distributors that uses this amazing 3D heat seal technology. The 3D heat seal is a new innovative technology that makes the heat transfer process run a lot faster and smoother overall. This new type of heat transfer is a lot easier and more efficient than the traditional heat transfer process used by many distributors. In traditional heat transfers the logos and designs with text will need a surrounding border in order to blend well into the garment. However, using the 3D heat transfer at Wizard Creations all freestanding text logos and designs will blend well with no border needed.

Our 3D heat seals really make logos and other designs pop on our apparel products. Instead of looking like a sticker, the 3D heat seal makes the logo design look like it is one with the garment. This makes the design look as if it was produced with the garment instead of pressed on afterwards. Using this type of process is not limited to apparel, it can also be used for bags and other non-apparel items. We find this production type to be great for products needed by companies, sports teams, schools with uniforms, special clubs, and much more.

The use of a 3D heat seal is a great production method for logos and designs that have a lot more color and intricacies. This heat seal makes the more colorful logos blend seamlessly into all types of items while popping with color. At Wizards Creations we will tackle any logo design no matter how simple or complex. We can do 3D heat transfers of designs with color gradients, lettering with all different colors, and even a reflective design. Any request you have for your product we aim to fulfill no matter what it is.

Our production of 3D heat seals truly make the little intricacies look amazing. For example, the ™ above a logo may be small on an item but it will still be seen and noticed through the use of a 3D heat seal. If you really want your logo to be legible and easy to read then 3D heat seal is the way to go. In comparison to embroidery logos the 3D heat seal designs have more exact fine lines that are more readable to the naked eye. When working with Wizard Creations and our 3D heat seal technology your product will be getting a unique look with an extraordinary fine detailed quality.

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