rush-turnaroundWizard Creations is in the top 1% of suppliers for brand merchandise. We are considered an A-rated supplier because we provide our clients with high quality products and helpful, efficient service. Our clients range small local start-up companies to large sports companies and we are able to provide them all with a 24 hour rush service if needed. The Wizard Creations 24 hour rush service comes at an additional but reasonable cost to our overall production services.

This is a great service for clients that need their branded products as soon as possible. When clients use our 24 hour rush service they are guaranteed to have your entire product order completed within the next day. Even though the production process is rushed all products come out with the same high quality look as they would in a normal production time. While our overseas production services are unable to be rushed in 24 hours we do have the ability to expedite the shipping process to get our client’s order shipped to them in a faster time span.

rush2Our 24 hour rush services are guaranteed for core and non-core items within our online catalog. Wizard Creations has the ability to offer this 24 hour rush service because of the factory direct relationships we have locally and internationally. These strong factory relationships provide us with discounted costs that allow us to give preferred pricing to our clients. Since we do a lot of our production in-house and at local factories Wizard Creations has the ability to guarantee our clients the lowest pricing locally and online. This prime pricing we provide for our clients is unmatched by our competitors because they lack the strong relationships Wizard Creations has with local factories.

All of our commercial products have a minimum quantity that must be met in order to be produced by Wizard Creations. Embroidery and other basic screen printing services have a 12 piece minimum for their production services. Discharge printing, which is a more complex process than screen printing, needs to have at least a 72 piece minimum order for production. We try to direct our clients to our direct to garment production services when they want smaller quantity orders. The Wizard Creations direct to garment service has the ability to do orders as small as 1 piece. Our company believes that there is no order too big or too small and we are willing to work with clients to give them their preferred service with the exact amount of pieces they need produced.

We have a wide variety of products that can be produced with the client’s wanted design within a 24 hour time period. Check out all the products within our extensive Wizard Creations online catalog to choose the items you want for your rush order. If you have trouble finding the exact item you need please give us a call and we will work hard to satisfy your request. Here at Wizard Creations we want to make sure we help our clients get their brand message out as fast and efficiently as possible. We work hard to make sure our clients are taken care of every step of the way.

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