Gift w/ Purchase

giftwithWizard Creations prides itself in the ability to provide clients with a wide variety of services to help get their brand and company name noticed. We believe that promotional products are one of the best ways to get noticed at a lesser cost than high budget television advertisements. When we work with our clients they are our main focus and we will work with them every step of the way to create their fully imagined vision to get their brand name out into the world.

One of our best promotional services that we provide for our clients is gift with purchase. This is a common promotional service used by wholesale retailers and department stores worldwide. Gift with purchase is a program where clients can promote their brand by giving consumers an additional item when they purchase something else. This can either be in the form of getting a gift when spending a certain dollar amount or getting a gift when buying another product. Wizard Creations uses this particular promotional service to help retailers and event marketers to get their brand named noticed. These gift with purchase promotional products are great to get your brand noticed at all types of events like 5ks, sports events, marketing events, and more.

tumblerWhen we work with a client to create a special gift to provide with the purchases of their customers we make sure to customize it to their brand. The gift will come in a customized packaging of the client’s choosing that will look similar to the typical retail design that gifts with purchases have at many department stores. No design is too complex for us to transfer onto any selected promotional item. All clients of Wizard Creations will get the high quality retail look seen at big department stores for a fraction of the price. We pride ourselves in being able to provide promotional production prices that are reasonable and affordable for our clients.

Wizard Creations has worked with many companies, like Duty Free America and Callaway to create a promotional gift with purchase. For the company Callaway we worked with them to create a custom designed portable charging device to give out to their customers when they made a purchase. This is a great way to put your company’s brand name in the faces of consumers without buying costly television promotional spots. We have a wide variety of promotional products, like the portable charging device, in our extensive online catalog. Take a look through our countless array of promotional products or give us a call to help you find the exact product you want for the promotion of your brand.

We are the premier supplier of branded merchandise and corporate marketing solutions. Companies, small and large, trust Wizard Creations with promoting their brand through our promotional products. No matter the size of our client, they will receive the best service as we help them create the perfect customized promotional product for their brand. At Wizard Creations we work hard to provide our clients with all the help they need to create a high quality product made to their 100% satisfaction. Any other questions about our promotional gift with purchase service please give us a call at 888.217.4084 or email us at

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